I’m Baaack!

Hello fanbase!

It’s been a while since we’ve chatted, and I have some pretty cool stuff to tell you! Let’s start with an update you already know about; Eric and I are now living in our own place. The three of us are well-adapted and we could not be happier.

Pumpkin loves having the space to run around, the things to climb on, and the windows to stare out of. We even celebrated the new move buy getting her some toys and treats, not to mention what she got for Christmas from us and our in-laws. But the only toys she plays with are the large twist ties you get from around Christmas lights.

Anyway, we have an apartment full of used furniture, creature comforts galore, and as of last week, wifi! For the first few weeks we were totally out of the loop and it was super weird. We didn’t have a phone that worked and we didn’t have internet. But now we have both!

I’ve enjoyed my vacation, but now it’s time to get down to business. My second announcement is my re-vamped job search. Now that I have a phone I’ve been looking into becoming an at-home call center representative of some kind and have a pretty good shot (as far as I know right now) at becoming an Account Manager for a pretty awesome company.

Their application process is really interesting so far. I’ve had to do a few exercises, but my favorite so far has been having to look up emails based on very trivial information. I don’t know why this will be part of my job yet, but I’m excited to find out, because as you may know, I have quite the reputation as an internet creep.

I took about 8 hours of my day yesterday looking for this one guy’s email. I learned just about everything about him including his address, phone number, marital status, how many kids he has, what companies he owns, I even found his full legal name and a list of his relatives (all for free might I add) but could not find his damn email address! I have a feeling this company reaches out to people that they use for this exercise and tells them to take their email off of all their social media so it’s harder to find. Thankfully, I was able to piece it together via 15 different sources, but I’m still not sure that it’s actually his email.

Anyway, in other news, Eric and I had our first Christmas. Due to the bills we now have to pay, we weren’t able to get anything for each other. I crocheted him a character from Zootopia, but the only reason he got anything at all was because I already had the yarn I needed to make it so it was pretty much free. My family came over for brunch on Christmas day, and then we went to his parent’s house for dinner.

We also had our first New Years together! I think this was my favorite holiday so far (not because there was alcohol involved or anything).Because we didn’t have cable at the time, we didn’t get to watch the ball drop, so we bought some Red’s Wicked Ale for ourselves, played 500 Rummy, and filled a few Mad Libs pages with drunken frivolity. We rented “Storks” from Redbox too, so we had something to watch that we hadn’t seen 50 times. Don’t watch that movie, it’s stupid and has no story. I hated it so much, and by the time we got around to watching it, I was shitfaced, so it was really bad, even shitfaced me didn’t want to watch it.

In the same vein, I also found out how many Red’s I can handle if I drink water in between cans. The answer is  5 but I will never again drink that many in one night. If you’re not familiar with Red’s Wicked Ale, they come in 12 packs as cans. They are each 10oz. but contain 8% alcohol. What that alcohol is, exactly is unknown to me, but it’s quite powerful. On New Years Eve, I was so drunk I felt like my face had been numbed with Novocaine and my body was held together with rubber bands. I’m honestly surprised I even remember what happened that night. But hey, it was New Years, if I can’t shake off the last 7 months in other ways, what’s left, really.

Living with Eric’s parents was not ideal, we love them both, but we can only stay sane living in his bedroom for so long. Now we can stretch out and enjoy our time together as a married couple for the first time since we’ve been married. Thank goodness.

Let’s just hope, now that I’ve got my crap together, I’ll make some kind of schedule and post more often!


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