Life Update: Epic News!

Oh man, guys. I really don’t know where to start this week. I know I’m later than normal but I have good reason, I’ve been mulling over how to write this post and what to include. In the end, I decided to tell you everything because I’m SO EXCITED!

The last few posts I’ve written have been pretty depressing. Eric and I didn’t know where we would end up and we really thought we had reached the end of the line. We were completely despondent and all we did was cry until we fell asleep.


I’ll tell you in chronological order for the sake of consistency (and my OCD). So, the first amazing thing to happen was I got a job! Like, a real job, and you guys can help me make my dreams come true by becoming my customers, you know, if you enjoy tea, muffins, hot chocolate, and goodness of any kind.

I started working as an independent consultant for a company called Steeped Tea. They sell high quality loose leaf tea. What sets them apart from other companies is that they are based in Canada. Therefore, they have higher standards for not only their teas, but also their foods and anything those crazy Canadians ingest. They don’t tolerate GMO’s and they have a strict set of guidelines for everything they produce. That means the teas I now sell are super pure (and mind you, completely delicious). Besides, you don’t want to know what other people have found in their mass-produced tea bags from U.S. based companies.

Anyway, because I’m an independent consultant, that means I make my own hours and can choose to sell this product however I want. Due to my already established web presence, I thought the best way to go about selling tea is to do it online. therefore, I’ve created “Tea-V.” It’s a YouTube channel on which I portray 5 characters that represent different aspects of the business. It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to start making videos. As a matter of fact, I’ve already made a trailer. You can check that out on my YouTube page (and subscribe to it while you’re at it because more awesome content will be coming your way soon). You might also want to check out my Facebook page and invite yourself to my huge Facebook debut party! I’m going to be uploading videos and answering questions from 4-5PM on December 5th through my Tea-V Facebook page (that you can find here).

Now that I’ve shamelessly plugged my new business, it’s time for an update about my old one. I crochet. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you already know that. But did you know I have my own Etsy- size business for it? The best part about my business is that it’s not completely overpriced and I can make anything. Now, when I say anything I mean it. I’ve made life sized Pokemon, plushies of real people, throw pillows, queen-sized afghans, and so much more. I specialize in stuffed plushies of characters that no one else can find online (like Gummy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for example). But I said there was an update, here it is. I rejuvenated my website and re-branded! I have a whole new payment system and it’s a much easier website to navigate. Click here to see it! I’ve gotten my usual overflow of Christmas orders and it’s going really well. So far I’ve made two stocking-size Pikachu, a personalized throw pillow, a plushy of someone’s cat, a baby bonnet, a plush shark, and a plush fox. It’s going really well. I might even have another order on the way for some Hogwarts scarves. I posted a picture the other day on my Facebook page about some scarves I made last year. (Yep, I’ve got a Facebook page for that too).

Okay, last but not least, the most important and most exciting announcement of this week: ERIC AND I FOUND AN APARTMENT!!!!!

We decided on a random Sunday to go apartment hunting. We found one place that didn’t have the best reputation but fell within our price range. The process was insanely smooth and it went off without a hitch.We couldn’t be happier!

If you’re not familiar with this blog, I started it as a stress reliever and support system for the fact that my new husband and I were left without somewhere to call home.For the full backstory, click here. It’s been a long 6 months since we were married, but now all of the stress is finished. We finally have a place to call our own. We can bring our new kitty, and we even get to experience the joys of buying our own furniture!

The only downside with the situation we’re now in is that we need to get renters insurance, an electric company, a cable company, and Pumpkin vaccinated before we move. We move in just a few days, so we’re pretty nervous, especially since money will be tight. I also read some reviews and found out there’s a pretty nasty bug issue that we’ll have to deal with. But we’re so excited to finally have somewhere to be.

Don’t worry, you’ll all benefit from it too! I’ll be way more active and organized once we’re settled. I can make my YouTube videos for all three of my channels (one of which will be for Steeped Tea). I can also blog more often and do my articles for

I can’t wait to finally get organized and decorate my own space!! We were extremely anxious with the holidays approaching that we wouldn’t be able to get a tree. Christmas is a really special time for me that carries a lot of special memories and traditions. So it was crucial for us to have somewhere of our own because his parents don’t always get a tree.

So yeah, that’s how my life is going now 😀


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