Life Update 2: Cursed

After the last update, I’m sure you were left with a sense of despair akin to mine. However, once this  was written, things started to look up.

There was a couple that Eric knew from growing up at the campground that were selling their camper. We decided, in the 11th hour, to take a look. It was perfect. It had all the counter space in the world, a full sized fridge, the shower design we liked, room for a litter box, a queen bed, and plenty of storage space. We were ecstatic. The plan was to nab the camper for the winter, then trade it in at the end of the season for something nicer and more permanent.

So we packed up the pop-up and moved to his parent’s house. We only planned to stay for a week. It was as stressful as you can imagine on the both of us, but it gave Pumpkin (our kitty) some time to acclimate to an indoor lifestyle. She now uses a litter box and roams the house like she owns the place.

Now that I’m closer to shopping centers I’ve been thinking about getting another job. Eric always says he can support us, but once we have more bills and rent to pay, we’re going to drown. So I’m trying to get started with an at-home business selling loose-leaf tea. It’s going to be great, and I can’t wait to announce it officially. So for those nay-sayers out there, I am looking for a job!

Anyway, this all brings us to Saturday. The people selling the camper actually live right down the street from Eric’s parent’s house. So we had plans to meet them over the course of the week. Our plans were interrupted however, when Eric’s mom came home in a flurry of coats and work boots. She told me he had been taken to the hospital for breathing problems and light-headedness.

So that put us back a few days. Once he was feeling better, we gave the couple a call. It turns out the husband wasn’t feeling well and wanted to reschedule for the next day.

The next day came and Eric and I were waiting with bated breath for 1 O’ Clock, the time we had set to meet. Unfortunately, Eric wasn’t positive they were still living down the street. When he called to make double check, we got some devastating news.

They had sold the camper.

Apparently they didn’t want to wait on us and the other person had the cash on them and gave them exactly what they asked for it.

I’m glad they were able to sell the camper for their set price, and I’m happy they were feeling better, but what makes me so livid is the fact that they went behind our backs and didn’t even let us know what had happened.

They “weren’t feeling well” so we didn’t meet. Then the same day, they sold the camper. Apparently money is also a powerful antibiotic.

So, now, once again, we’re back to square one. Living with his parents house, unable to go to a dealership because we need a cosigner, unable to afford anything newer than 2007, and pretty much pushed past our breaking point.

The fundraising page we opened up for ourselves got three donations, two from the same person. Two dear friends of mine extending the hand of generosity our way. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and selflessness. Thankfully, they money donated is enough for me to get my starter kit for Steeped Tea and start working, but it isn’t enough for a home.

The worst part about the whole kerfuffle is the fact that it happened on our 7 year anniversary. Eric and I had wanted to whole thing to go well so we would have somewhere of our own after waiting so long to be together, but I guess the Lord had other plans.

We may be a cursed couple that’s attracting bad luck like a magnet, but at least we have each other.

Prayers would be appreciated.

I’ve moved the end date of our fundraiser to the last of November, so if you can take a look or even share this on social media, it would be a huge help.



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