Life Update

I feel, at this point in my week, the only way to properly deal with my emotions is to write them out. After all, this blog is about a homeless couple; you came for action, did you not?

At the moment, my husband Eric and I are living in a camp ground. We’re staying in a family friend’s camper due to extenuating circumstances (that you can gain valuable context from here in a previous post).

As some of you know, camp grounds have seasons, and not all are open year-round. This happens to be one of those camp grounds and happens to be closing for the season in three days.

Thing is, even if it was year-round, we’re living in a pop-up camper. For those of you that don’t speak the lingo, it’s a camper with a solid base that “pops up” to a canvas top supporting beds on either side with metal rods that attach to the base, or pictorially, one of these bad boys:


As you could (correctly) assume, due to the fact that the majority of where the camping happens is made of canvas, it won’t stay very warm come winter time. There’s also the problem of not having a bathroom or shower and that the campground shuts off their water and electricity to all sites and public restrooms.

Therefore, since we’ve been biding our time living with other people, we want to break free and finally get our own place and actually start living our life together.

If you know the roller coaster we’ve been on, you know what stress we’ve been under, but this week took that stress, multiplied it by one million, and ripped up our souls. And it’s not even over yet.

Over last weekend, we went to three different camper places to search (for the fifth time, mind you) and found an awesome camper we both loved. Unfortunately we didn’t have money to put down at the time, so we waited until payday.

Each day of the week, there was a chance Eric would be able to make it home in time from work to go to the dealer and put some money down to hold it out of our savings. The camper place closed at 4:30

Monday: I pack stuff inside the camper into boxes, tomorrow; Eric didn’t get home until 5

Tuesday: I continue packing; all the while staying positive he’ll get off early and be able to handle the situation. He tells me he called the dealership and changed our dealer to someone he knows, the new dealer put the camper on hold with no money down because he’s the guy from that last post that sold the one we wanted behind our backs and felt bad about it. (Eric made this choice because this is the same dealer to sell a few friends and family members campers from the same dealership, so he knows him well). Unfortunately Eric came home late that day too.

Wednesday: I lay low for the day, but around 12PM I get a call from Eric. He fell at work and hurt his back so bad he can barely move. I had to stay on the phone with him the whole ride home so he wouldn’t crash. He rested the rest of the day and we decided to go the next day because he knew it would be slow at work.

Thursday, the moment of truth. Eric gets done with work around 1. I get a call from him that someone he owes money to came by to collect. So there goes our down payment we’d gotten over the course of the week. He then goes to the dealer to put what little money we have left towards the camper to hold it longer but guess what…the asshole that “held” our camper for us either didn’t really put it on hold or put the wrong camper on hold and it sold without him being aware. While I wasn’t there to see it, Eric, upon hearing the news, stood up and walked over to our original dealer’s desk to make a deal with him instead. He was then forced to choose another camper alone and put money down to secure it, but only for a few days.

While this was stressful enough, we found out we couldn’t use either of our credit scores to get the damn thing and needed a cosigner. After asking everyone we could, we came up empty. So now we’re stuck. The campground closes in a few days and we might not even be able to stay with his parents to get back on our feet. My mom’s house is too small, and we’re totally out of options. I’ve never felt more desperate, more hopeless, or more frustrated.

So, I did something I never dreamed I’d be capable of; I made a Gofundme page for us to see if anyone else could help. So far we’ve had no luck, but a few of my friends have shared it on their pages and that’s helped traffic. I’ve linked it here as well, if you’re interested. Even if you can’t donate, a share on social media would be awesome. We need to sort things out at the latest by November 6th, which, coincidentally, is our 7 year anniversary (of being a couple, not married).

Life really sucks right now and I don’t know how to process it all. Prayers and emotional support would also be awesome if you could spare some. Sorry to make you all depressed, but this is my diary now and if I can’t write about it, I’ll just stew it over until it drives me crazy.



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Cheer up.


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