How To: Paper Plate Tiny Top Hat

By no means does this have anything to do with what this blog is actually about. However, I made this awesome tiny top hat for my Victorian Era vampire costume (which you can check out here and follow me at the same time!)

BUT I made this awesome hat and it’s a bit daunting to post as a mass picture on Pinterest.

I have ALWAYS been a DIY-er because I’m usually too broke to afford cool things (also, I can usually make things better on my own than something from a store). So when it came time to making accesories for this year’s costume, I needed a hat. So I made one…out of a freaking paper plate!

I present to you: Tiny Top Hat a la’ Paper Plate

Here’s what you’ll need:

A paper plate (preferably one with substance like Dixie Ultra)


Tape, I used masking tape

White glue 

newspaper/paper towels

fabric of your choice

Hot glue

Decorations for your finished product. I used ribbon, fabric paint, and some extra ribbon for the bow in the back.

To begin, grab yourself a paper plate. Any will do, but the sturdier the better. I used a Dixie Ultra.


Cut out the center of the plate (be as careful as possible, you’ll be using all of these pieces for the finished product).20161007_230007

Cut the outer part of the plate in half. This will make the brim of your hat.20161007_230036

Cut one inch slits into the flat part of the plate left around the brim. (I didn’t measure, but these look to be about an inch or two apart).20161007_230158

Curl the piece onto itself until you have the shape you’d like. The more circular the better.


Tape to secure20161007_230414

Tape the rest of the flaps made from the one/two inch cuts.20161007_230648

Take the middle section you cut from the plate and trace something approximately 5″ wide in the center. I used the inside of my masking tape (so that really is the ideal tape to use). I used pencil, but you can use anything to trace it. 20161007_230742

Make cuts from the edge to the center like this, I fit about 14 here. I found it easier to cut it into quarters first and then into smaller pieces so their even.20161007_231011

Fold all of the pieces down. This makes the top portion of the hat.


Overlap the pieces and hold with your finger (this might be tricky, but it gets easier by the last piece). Make sure their all going in the same direction. At this point you can decide what you’d like the shape of your hat to be. You can make the center skinny, wide, or straight.


Tape the flaps down around the outside in the shape you’d like.20161007_231440

Check the edge (opposite of the round top) and make sure the edge is even. Snip away the bumps with your scissors.


Tape from the edge you’ve just snipped up to the tape around the outside to secure the shape.


Align the top to the brim and make sure the top is centered.

20161007_232037Once you’re satisfied with the shape of your top and brim, attach the top part to the brim with more tape. This would be a good time to make sure everything is secure and tight (AKA not falling apart). Add as much tape as you need. This is also a good time to reshape the brim if you want it to look a certain way.20161007_232316

Take your newspaper/paper towel and glue and go to town. Cover the entire thing with newspaper/paper towel soaked in glue. I found your fingers are the best bet. (If you don’t have white glue, use glitter glue! It works pretty well, although the glitter will haunt you for weeks).


Let it dry overnight (or two nights if you went a little overboard with the glitter glue) and then decorate! Use hot clue to attach fabric of your choice to the outside. The shape of your hat depends on the fabric strips you use, so just eyeball it and get creative! The brim can be pretty tricky, so I just used a bunch of strips of fabric to wrap around it.20161009_212107

You have two options to finish your tiny top hat off. You can attach it to a headband, or you can attach some elastic or fabric in small loops for bobby pins. Both have pros and cons, it depends on your preference for what you’d like on your head.20161009_224851

Here’s my final product! I added ribbon, bows, and used some extra fabric for a bow on the back. 20161009_212120


I hope this tutorial made sense and that your hat looked awesome! I’d love to see some photo if you try it out! Happy crafting 😀


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