The Time I Cheated

Before you get excited, I don’t mean on my husband, I mean in high school.

I feel like sharing this now won’t get me into too much trouble, that is, unless my English teacher holds grudges.

Anyway, this one time my English class was given some sort of take-home quiz, no big deal. It was really easy and due the next day.

I shared a study hall the period after English with some of my best friends. So I’m working on this quiz that I remember was super easy and someone in my group asked me if I knew what the answers were, I said “yeah this is really easy, do you need help?”

“Yeah, can I just copy yours? It’s not like this is a big deal” (It really wasn’t, like I said, it was a really easy quiz about a reading or something to make sure we were paying attention).

At that point I was faced with the decision to let others cheat off of my work, or do the right thing and let them fail because they hadn’t done the reading. Well, I had a moment of weakness. I let them copy my work. I believe three of us total did it and all had the same-ish answers to the quiz.

The day after the quizzes are graded, the teacher makes an announcement before class begins. It went something like this:

“Class, something very frustrating has happened with the quizzes I assigned the other day. Every single one of you cheated. I know this because you all had the same exact answers and there’s no way that could have happened purely by accident. You will all be given zeros for the quiz.”

My heart dropped to my toes. The one time I commit academic Tyranny, I’m caught and the world has gone black.

Before I continue, you should all know that I was and always have been a model student. I was that kid that reminded the teacher that we had a quiz or homework that we had to hand in at the end of class. I followed the rules to a T at all times and never, save this one time, wavered.

Then my teacher continued. “Except…” she began, “three students. These three students obviously took the time to answer the questions correctly. And those three students are the only ones that will be receiving credit for this quiz, the rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

It couldn’t have been anyone but me and the two compatriots I had let copy my answers since the rest of the class apparently had identical responses. We all looked at each other in amazement at the beauty of the whole situation.

Sure enough, I found out it was me and my two friends were the only ones to get credit for the quiz. It was the most karmic moment of my life, and it was the last time I ever cheated or let others cheat off of me.

I know this is a random story, but it just came back to me as a memory today and I just had to share it.


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