Pictures of You, Pictures of Me

At the moment, I need to write.

About what, I’m not exactly sure, but it needs to happen.

Maybe I should tell you about my wedding photos…

So, as some of you know, I wasn’t exactly happy with how the photography was handled at my wedding. I went through this month-long phase trying to figure out how to tell my photographer. I wasn’t dissatisfied at all with how the pictures came out or what they were of (for the most part) but I was really upset that it took the entirety of our wedding up and we barely got to see the guests that traveled as far as from California to celebrate with us.

But today I finally uploaded the photos to my computer.

The disc has been  in Eric’s computer since the day we got it in the mail. We looked at them on his computer because my disc drive doesn’t work. The first time we saw them we were thrilled, but then we noticed a few things, though for the sake of my mental health, I won’t get into that. Today, however, I took the plunge and did the thing I’ve been dreading for the last 5 months. I looked through the pictures without thinking about how much I hated them.

Let me get something straight, I do NOT hate my photos, they are absolutely gorgeous and they capture every bit of the excitement and happiness of the day. I just wish that there were more candid shots of the family that was there and that the entire “reception”/dinner wasn’t taken up by taking pictures.

With that out of the way, it was a weird experience posting the photos today. It was a pressing matter because my florist, soon after the wedding, asked for some photos to share on their website. I knew I would have to do it eventually, so I began preparing myself over this past weekend. I tried my best to get myself into the right mindset and pick a day to do it.

When I looked through the pictures today, rather than be upset and sad about the photos, I was really happy and I smiled the entire time I was looking through them. It made me glad that  I didn’t send a nastily-worded email to the photographer who was doing her best (and, as a budding photographer herself, helped me out as a friend). I was happy to have at least some of the memories from the day captured. Thankfully, some family members on both sides took photos while the other guests enjoyed the trail mix bar and Italian food, so in a way I got what I had initially asked for.

I’ve had many people in my life suffer from memory loss and it’s something I worry about almost constantly. Therefore, I always take pictures. Of everything. And I love that Eric and I have our smiles, weirdness, and respective sexiness immortalized in these photos. It might not have gone as planned, but you definitely can’t tell in the pictures.

It was a strange experience today, but in a weird way it made me okay with the whole thing.

I would share one with you, but for some reason WordPress doesn’t want it to upload. Oh well. Take it from me, they look awesome, and I don’t hate them 🙂




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