Cats, Writing, and Facebook. Oh My…

What’s up folks? It’s been a hot minute. Eric and I just got back from vacation this past weekend, and while I was gone, I realized I had forgotten to write the week before I left. My apologies if you were waiting with bated breath for my next enthralling episode.

So, I have some really exciting news I want to share with you all, since you’ve helped and supported me so much for the last few months.

  1. I was finally published! Well, kind of. I’m not part of a fandom site called It runs through WordPress (so you should definitely go follow it) and it’s a pretty epic news/science/fan theory/fandom/everything site. I posted an article last night about the first cast picture posted of the new Jumanji movie set to come out next July. I was published in a matter of minutes and had just about 30 views in under an hour. That’s better than my real blog does! Anyway, it was really exciting to have an outlet for something I’m passionate about (that is, writing and nerd-dom, not remade 90’s films) that someone else will actually read and experience. I would love some feedback on the article itself if you have a moment.
  2. Investivapor has a Facebook page! That’s right, that YouTube channel I have about the mysteries of vaping now has it’s first social media page! I created it the other day, and would LOVE if you could like the page for me. Even if you don’t vape, the information is still fascinating and I would love some support from my WordPress family. You can check that out here. I know that I’m a bit behing the game when it comes to social media, but think of this as a test of the waters. If the Facebook pge goes well, maybe I’ll invest in a Twitter or an Instagram.
  3. The third and final bit of news has nothing to do with my web presence, it’s simply exciting news that I want to make you read because you’ve already made it to the third bullet point. I think we might have a cat. I say “I think” because it’s not a go-to-the-pet-store-and-get-a-cat thing, rather she just showed up on my porch the other day and asked for some food. When I gave her some cream from the fridge, she came back the next day. We decided to call her Pumpkin, though I wanted to name her Baby after the sexy ass impala from Supernatural; but husbands will be how husbands will be. So, last night was the second night she came around, I was putzing around online when I heard her crying outside of the door. Sure enough she’d come back for more and planted herself on the deck to wait for food. When she wouldn’t leave after three more hours, I decided to make her a bed. We rolled up an old sweatshirt and put it outside for her. She stayed all night long in that bed curled up and purring. So suffice it to say, I think we have a cat now, and that’s awesome because I’ve really needed some animal interaction.

So there you have it, a short but sweet post for today about some awesome stuff going on in my life. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on what’s going on. Thank you all so much for your support, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it and I’m so grateful. I love you guys 🙂


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