Happy Campers

Hey guys! Remember the time I tried to get back into writing every day, then didn’t post for like 5 days? Yeah, me too.

Some good has come from my mini hiatus though, I’m happy to announce my writers block has officially passed (insert applause here). For those of you that don’t know, I’m writing a novel. It’s super awesome and I’ve been at an impasse with my characters for the last two years and haven’t made any progress. When I initially got stuck, I figured I would edit what I already had, then got stuck there too, so now I’m editing and brain storming, and we may (eventually) have a success yet! I can’t wait to get back to writing and map out where all of my characters are.

But that’s not what I want to write about. I’ve been selfish lately. I haven’t been writing about those “thorny vines” and my twists and turns of being a newlywed searching for a place in this world. It’s been all about me. Not that it’s a problem, I just figured it was time to re-center this thang. So here we go.

What is it like to live in a tent for two weeks?

Well, I can tell you…I’m an expert on these matters.

When Eric and I returned from our honeymoon, we realized we had nowhere to go, and, of course, you know about the tent thing from there. If you don’t, check out another one of my posts.

Well, we went to the sporting goods store down the road and bought this amazing tent. Here’s some pictures of the thing:

It’s the biggest tent I’ve ever stayed in. It didn’t have a whole lot of fancy features, but it did have two rooms and plenty of space for what little we had to our name.

We used one half for our bedroom and the other for a kitchen/living room/ mud room. Luckily we were able to use his parent’s laundry room to wash our clothes. We had a few tables, an extension cord that powered our small appliances, and a camping chair that we used as a recliner when sitting on our air mattress became uncomfortable.

I say we, but really it was always me. I was the one home most of the time, and when Eric was home, we went out because of that whole license thing I have going on.

Aside from the whole “not living in a house” thing, it was really cool to live in a tent. You got to live with the basics and realize how little you could really live on. It’s made the process of camper-shopping way easier (since pretty much anything seems like an upgrade). There were definitely some downsides though. Let’s make a list:

  1. Eric’s parent’s house sat in the corner of their development. That meant that while there were no houses behind them, there was other land. This other land happened to be owned by some kind of manufacturing plant. This means that all that separated their backyard from the other land was a chain-link fence. It also happened to have a bench right next to where they had a hammock that some of the workers would sit on during their lunch break.
  2. It got really hot; almost like an oven some days. I would sometimes sit on the hammock, but would have to schedule it for when there was no one sitting on the break bench. Eventually, we bought an air conditioner and used some “redneck ingenuity” to duct tape the tent around it and keep the inside cool.
  3. Our bathroom was a bucket. It sat right outside of the tent covered by some extra bed sheets hung over the nylon strings that anchored the tent to the ground. While it was nice to not have to bother his parent’s every time we needed to used the facilities, it was sometimes breezy out, there were sometimes men on the break bench, and there was some dude mowing the lawn at least once a week.
  4. I was alone most of the time. Yes, I had my phone and Netflix to keep me company, but it’s not like where we are now. At least here, there’s someone else in the house. The best part of my day was when Eric came home.

It was an experience I won’t soon forget. Though it wasn’t as stressful as you might think. We had a roof over our heads, free laundry, and food to eat among other things. Thank goodness my in-laws were there for us.


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  1. I kinda wanna go camping now lol


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