This morning, I was awoken by a sharp, stabbing pain in my abdomen. It was 7AM, just a few hours after I had gone to sleep. Needless to say, I was not happy.

It was my period.

Now, most of you don’t really care about this, but just a few weeks ago,  I was taking pregnancy tests and crossing my fingers. So, this is a pretty big deal.

Now that you all have that lovely fact burned into your mind, I need to think of something else to write about.

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones lately. I’m making progress at an alarming rate, I’m just about to start season 5. It’s an amazing show and it’s so well written. I can’t imagine what reading the books is like.

Um, I have a new job opportunity. It’s pretty cool. I’ve been hired through a website to caption videos. I don’t start for another few weeks, but at least it’ll be one more consistent source of income. I have to say, having an extra 10 bucks here and there has been really nice.

I didn’t do much today, and I don’t have anything important to tell you, but I want to start writing every day.

I was a lazy slack-off all day today. Thankfully, Eric got off of work early so we spent the day together. That was pretty great.

Yeah, like I said, nothing special, just a post so I get in the habit of posting more often, also I’m not pregnant so that’s cool too.

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, people.


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    1. As are you, my friend

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      1. Enjoy this body that you have been given.


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