I Can’t Think of a Title.

I don’t have a good excuse for you for not writing these last two days. That’s probably a good thing though. I’m trying not to make excuses for my actions anymore, so far this is great practice.

Anyway, I really haven’t been doing a whole lot. A few -pretty stressful things happened, but they’re all resolved now so there’s no point in rummaging through my otherwise crazy mind to drudge them up. A few positive things have happened though. I realized that I hate living day-to-day with no purpose and nothing to look forward to except a new Game of Thrones episode. So, I took matters into my own hands. On Tuesday night I set alarms on my phone, they were to go off every hour, and each was titled with what I was to do until the next alarm went off. I thought “this is great! It’ll be like high school again and I’ll finally have some structure.” Well, my first issue was that I set my alarm to wake up at 8AM and I went to sleep at about 1AM. I snoozed my alarm and didn’t wake up until 11AM. So, my entire routine was upset. Wednesday night I decided to make a “To Do” list for myself.  I though a more fluid approach to my day might work and  I wouldn’t have to feel guilty for not waking up at 8AM. So, I write things down like “wake up,” “drink coffee,” and “eat breakfast.” I also put a few fun things in there like “take 5 surveys,” “learn a new hairstyle”, and “dance to an awesome song.”

I liked this method a lot more, though it’s not without it’s flaws. I found that I had too much on my list for the day and I felt guilty that I didn’t have time to do it all. Even though I accomplished the majority of my list, the important things like taking surveys and taking out the trash didn’t happen because I wanted to do the fun stuff.

Another change from the last few days-I took up yoga! Now, I’m not one to get all “feel the connection between your body and the earth” kind of person, but I do enjoy being able to move without pain.

When I was younger, my mother and I were in a car accident. We had no serious injuries at the time, but a few years ago I discovered that due to that accident, I have three herniated discs in my spine. I’ve been dealing with them for a while now. It’s quite painful, and due to the fact that I’m overweight, they take on an extra strain. I’ve been told multiple times that stretching is the answer, so that’s what I would do. I’d drum up some stretches from my days as a gymnast and stretch until I cramped up. But on my honeymoon I did something to pinch my sciatic nerve and it’s not been the same since. Sitting here on my ass day in and day out isn’t exactly improving my condition (or my posture). So, I tried yoga.

Well, it turns out it’s more involved than you think and you can’t just do it (I blame Shia LeBouf for giving me false hope). You have to learn how to breathe first. Yeah, I realize how stupid that sounds. But when you’re stretching and it hurts (like every stretch I do) you breathe through it so your body can get stronger and you feel better.

Rather than jump into a YouTube course and hope for the best, I’ve been practicing my breathing. It’s almost meditating, really. I sit down with my eyes closed and focus on breathing. It’s very calming and really does focus me and put me in a better mood like everyone claims it does.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. This post was supposed to be about something else entirely, but now I’m at 658 words so I think I’ll call it quits. Maybe I’ll write the post I intended later today.


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  1. Purps says:

    When you’re ready for some YouTube yoga I recommend Yoga with Adriene! I’ve really enjoyed her videos and she has several series for different goals. She also does a basics series where she focuses on one move so you can do it correctly. She’s a great resource and if you’re looking for a challenge she does some 30 day series as well.

    Yoga was a great thing for me when I was spending a lot of time at home by myself and not doing anything with that free time. I know the struggle of disciplining myself to actually do stuff. I hope this helps you!


    1. That’s who I found! She was great. I did the most basic one the other day where you start out laying down on the floor for 20 minutes. It was awesome 😛 I’ll have to look into those 30 day ones though. Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Yoga is a wonderful thing! Helped me immensely when I was dealing with high stress and insomnia.


    1. I have some stress to deal with myself, it’s been wonderful so far!

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