All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

I have a lot to do today, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to write about what happened yesterday. It was a fairly eventful day even though we didn’t do a whole lot.

I wrote my blog for the day earlier in the morning than usual because Eric and I had planned to go to the DMV and sort out my permit. When we arrived, we only waited for a few minutes before it was our turn. I had my proof of address, birth certificate, social security card-literally my entire existence in my hand- and walked up to the counter.

I explained my situation to the seemingly sympathetic clerk who then tried to do his best to help me. The physical form I presented him with was a copy from the Patient First where I had gotten it done, he said that not only could he not accept the copy of the form because it wasn’t an original, but the date listed on the form would have rendered the physical useless in just a few weeks. So, needless to say, I took two steps back instead of one forward. Turns out because of my age and how long my permit has been expired, I have to re-take my test too. I think that was the worst news of all, I guess that’s what I get for waiting.

After that ordeal we went to the mall. Eric told me that since he had some extra cash, I could get a new dress if I wanted. I was too overwhelmed with how long it would take to find one, so we ended up going to our usual haunts. We splurged a bit and I got a few things for myself. On our way out of the mall, I realized that the pop-up vape kiosk that my brother usually went to was gone. I was disappointed because my brother had gone there a few times and raved about it. It turns out the kiosk got its own store! Eric and I came across it as we were headed out. It was really nicely organized and seemed legit. My vape needed some new coils, so we picked some of those up, a new tank for Eric, and a new juice for the two of us to try.

Once we got to the car, I was anxious to try out the new juice and change my coil for the first time to prove I could do it. So I took my vape apart and put the new coil in. I then noticed it was a lot smaller than the original, so Eric took it back and asked why the salesperson had sold us the wrong coil when he had been shown the vape it was supposed to go in. The clerk said it would work the same and not to worry about it. So we tried to fill the juice and use my new coil, but when I put everything back together the tank started to leak all over my hands (causing me to panic a bit because liquid nicotine is highly dangerous when absorbed into the skin) and the coil wouldn’t heat the juice. So, I called my local vape shop and when they couldn’t give me an answer to why my new coil was faulty, I brought it in to them.

The asshole from Blue Monkey Vape (DON’T GO HERE) sold me the wrong coil for my vape! AND he sold us a coil that has been known to leech the nickel used in its construction into the lungs of its users. We were pretty upset, and Eric is going back after work today to deal with a refund. Eric’s tank worked out, and the juice was alright (even though it claimed not to have menthol in it, and totally did).

I think the highlight of the day was when we bought a mattress. When we moved in, there was this really awesome air mattress in the guest room where we would be staying. Unfortunately over the course of our stay, the mattress began to deflate and yesterday, I woke up with my head touching the floor under the mattress. So, Eric and I now have a new mattress, it’s smaller, but it’s better than sleeping on a mattress that reacts like one of those “blob” things that send you flying when someone jumps on it.

The last thing that happened yesterday to make it eventful was that I took a pregnancy test. I haven’t blogged about this previously because I assumed it was TMI, but I think, for my sake, I need to. (Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what my lady bits do in their free time).

I’ve always had an irregular period, but I didn’t have sex until I was married, so for me not to have gotten my period this month  was at the same time a surprise and regular occurrence.  I have been prone to Amenorrhea (the cessation of a menstrual cycle) before, when I started working out every day, my body didn’t know what to do so it stopped giving me my period for three months. Now it’s been one month and I have a good feeling why it’s happened now.

Because of our lack of funds and our affinity for junk and fast food, Eric and I haven’t been eating healthy. I, by myself, have barely been eating at all. Because I spend so much time being picky about the food I eat, I just end up not eating and there have been days this month that I just didn’t eat or drink anything except my morning cup of coffee. A change in caloric intake, extreme stress, and change of daily routine are all factors that can affect menstrual cycles, and we all know that I’ve been dealing with all of the above as of late. The thing is, I mentioned before that I didn’t have sex before I was married. So…it’s a hell of a time not to get my period. So, to calm my nerves I  bought a pregnancy test and took it. It was negative but because  I don’t ever know when my period is coming, I can’t take it “5 days before your expected missed period” like the test suggests. So it says on the instructions that if that’s the case, I should wait three days before taking another just to be sure.

Guess we’ll see what Sunday holds. Wish me luck!


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  1. martha762 says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m struggling to get my license at the moment too… It’s a pain in the butt


    1. That does make me feel better actually. I didn’t even know you didn’t have it!


      1. martha762 says:

        Yes this is what happens when one procrastinates and just had general driving anxiety to begin with…


      2. Ah, yes. All the anxieties.


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