Mawwage is What Bwings Us Togeva Today

Allow me to be honest for a moment. I crocheted all day today. I made a pencil case for Eric. We’re both trying to quite smoking cigars so we went to Five Below the other day and bought ourselves adult coloring books. So far it’s been going well, but I think we need to invest in another form of stress relief. But at least now Eric has an awesome pencil case to brag to all of his friends about. And I’m actually really happy with how it came out. It’s made with cotton camo yarn and the inside is a dark grey fabric all connected with a zipper. It has a Maltese Cross on the front with his station number and Displaying 20160622_152314.jpginstead of a fire hydrant and ladder and all that, it has a box of crayons, a ball of yarn, a paint brush, and colored pencils on the little…wings? of the cross. It’s pretty awesome.

I am a crafty person. If you didn’t grasp that after you read “I crocheted all day today” you have some reading comprehension problems. Sorry to break it to you. I’ve had my own Etsy-level business (though on my own website, not through Etsy) since 2011. I crochet stuff. My slogan is “If you can think it, I can crochet it!” That’s been true 99.9% of the time so far. There’s only been one thing I haven’t been able to make and it’s a sucker punch to the ego every time I think about it.

When it came to planning my wedding, the DIY-er in me did its happy dance. I researched on Pinterest for hours on end and was so happy to be able to incorporate all of the cool things I found. I made my own invitations and programs, I made these really neat table number frames. I made each table a different number that correlated to a date or a Bible verse that was important to us as a couple. Our favor was a trail mix bar rather than a candy or cookie bar, and we had a S’mores bar.The entire wedding was totally me and totally customized. It was going to be amazing!

However, my wedding did not go as planned. The rental companies (yes, more than one) flaked on us. We didn’t have the tables, chairs, linens, or tent (under which our reception would have been) that were promised to us. To make things worse (though it was out of their control) our DJ couldn’t make it due to a family emergency. So, we didn’t have anything go to the schedule I’d poured over for months leading up to the big day. Thankfully Eric found some nice looking table cloths at Wal-Mart and my Maid of Honor and some other friends that for some reason stuck around to help me set up the picnic tables that were already there. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that we got married outside under a picnic pavilion at a campground. As if the fact that we didn’t have all of the things we had wanted wasn’t bad enough, the weather forecast had been looming for two weeks previous. It poured during the ceremony and didn’t let up for a good ten minutes after.

There was a lot that went wrong that day, but there was a lot more that went right. First of all, I walked away married to my best friend. That was the highlight of the day (obviously). Just about all of my best friends from school were there, it meant so much that they made the effort to come across the state for little old me. A few of them even went to another friend of mine’s wedding the night before! My family also came and that meant a lot to me too. Most of my relatives live out of the state so it meant a lot that they looked past the fact that it was a dry wedding, that it was an outdoor wedding, and that it was supposed to rain, just to come celebrate with me.

The second I left the camper I was getting ready in to walk down that aisle, the stress and the disappointment washed away. The rain came down in sheets right as I was walking underneath the pavilion. My brother walked me down the aisle and whispered Nacho Libre quotes in my ear to cheer me up because he knew what all had happened that morning. This was probably my saving grace. Him being so calm brought me to my center before I saw Eric at the end of the aisle. Once my brother gave me away, I held Eric’s hands and stared into his eyes and everything was right with the world.

I wrote the vows we repeated. I wasn’t alright with doing the typical vows, though I did include them in there. Eric isn’t a words guy, so instead of writing our own vows, I wrote the bit that we repeated to each other. It was an amalgamation of other countries’ traditional wedding vows and they were beautiful, if I can be allowed to toot my own horn here ;).

The rain stopped a few minutes after the ceremony was over which gave our awesome photographer some time to get the shots we wanted. My dress got muddy, I climbed around on rocks, had a designated bouquet holder (the Best Man, of course), and the just-rained feel to the woods made the greens and browns and blacks pop like crazy. I only wish I had spent more time at the actual ceremony site. We didn’t have a reception because we didn’t have tent and most people started to leave pretty early. That’s the only thing I would have wanted to happen differently.

I don’t know how to thank the people that helped us set up. My Maid of Honor re-arranged the seating chart meant for 7 round tables of 10 to about 10 rectangle tables of like, 6 plus some half tables that were hauled in from other camp sites. She made sure Eric and I had food to eat once the caterers arrived. She was the superhero of the day for sure.

My wedding day was both perfect and imperfect. Yeah I didn’t get everything I wanted, but I still got to marry Eric at the end of the day and I was told that I did nothing but smile all day long. All I ever wanted was a happy marriage, not a fancy wedding. Well, I sure got my wish :).



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