Dream A Little Dream of Me

Over the last six years, I had many nights where I couldn’t fall asleep. So I would lull myself to sleep imagining the warm body of my now husband in the bed next to me and sleepily draping his arm over my side like it was second nature.

I would steal his t shirts once in a while and keep them next to my pillow so I would have a little piece of him to comfort me during those sleepless nights. I’d bury my face in the cool cotton, imagine his heartbeat, and breathe deeply. Eric’s heartbeat is as unique as a fingerprint. He’s had a murmur since he was born and one of my favorite things to do is lay on his chest, block out the rest of the world, and listen to his life beat away.

Our relationship was tried and true for sure. Four out of the six years we were together, I was getting my Bachelors degree on the other side of the state. For all those people who say that long distance relationships never work. You’re wrong. They work if the people in those relationships want them to. While my Freshman year was particularly hard on the both of us, we learned a lot about what our relationship ship could handle.

While you might think the majority of my sleepless nights happened at school, they really happened on the nights we were 15 minutes apart.

That’s the thing with long distance. Once you learn how to miss someone from miles away, you start to miss them between heartbeats when you’re actually together.


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